dont talk shit about my shitty country only people who live here can do that

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Have you ever felt like you are not important to some of your friends although they mean a lot to you?
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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to someone whom I consider him as one of my close friends although I just only met him once in real life (but we do talk a lot on phone). I am not sure if he considers me as his close friend or not but he does really important in my life. He had helped me through the downs I had faced many times before and always be the one who listened whenever I needed someone most.

I just wish he will be happy there, success in his life especially reaching his one and only dream (my dream as well) to become a pilot. Only Allah can repay for what he has done for me. I don’t know how to repay him. I miss to talk to him all night but sometimes I am just afraid that I might annoy him with all my stories. So, I just wait he approach to talk to me first. lol

I only wish him “Happy birthday” in text. I want to type more but I think it’s better not to ‘cause well… it is just a text. lol

Happy Birthday my friend.

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